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First-time buyers: the timing could not be better to realize your dream of home ownership. With prices at rock bottom and mortgage interest rates at historic lows, your housing costs may be comparable to what you are now paying in rent. Why give your money to the landlord? Now is the time to build your own nest egg. Contact me, Jeff Johnson, and I’ll find it for you.

Move-up buyers: the home features and square footage you could only dream of a few years ago are now within reach. Take a look at what’s out there, and you will be amazed. Not all sales are foreclosures or bank-owned properties. There are plenty of standard sales available from homeowners who are ready to downsize. Call me at 916-206-9989 and let me help find that dream home for you!

For those who are ready and eager to sell their homes, we can explain the process and protect you from liability.

Home sellers: this is a tough market for you. Just listing your home is no longer good enough. There is preparatory work to do to show your home off to best advantage and to price it correctly for a quick sale if that’s what you need. Call me at 916-206-9989 for a no-obligation appointment and thorough property value analysis.

Is your home underwater: You have many options. Call me, and I’ll explain all of them to you. I can negotiate with your bank for a loan modification or help you complete your short-sale package. I also buy homes, as-is, for cash with no commission or closing costs, preserving equity. Don’t delay – call me today at 916-206-9989 for a consultation at no cost to you.

Would you like to know more? Let’s talk about how to market your home.

Before signing a contract with any realtor, make sure you understand EXACTLY how your home will be marketed to potential buyers. We can explain the process, so you are comfortable and discuss ways to lessen your liability through proper disclosures

A “Listing Presentation” is a term used by those in the real estate industry for the formal presentation that a realtor makes to you, the prospective home sellers, in an attempt to earn your trust and business. Never sign a contract with a real estate agent without taking the time to view a Listing Presentation! We would love the opportunity to make such a listing presentation to you.

We will visit your home, and take the time to carefully assess the positive and negative qualities of the property. We will then describe to you exactly how we plan to market and sell your home, pricing it with your price and time considerations in mind. You’ll find out what your home is worth as well,  because we will conduct a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home, comparing it to others like it that have recently sold, and to homes that are currently on the market. These analyses are indispensable when it comes to accurately assess the fair market value of your home.

We have performed literally hundreds of CMAs and presentations, and understand exactly what needs to happen to plant a big SOLD sign in your front yard. We would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the best route for selling your home quickly, and at a good price. There is no obligation when you meet with us, so call today!!

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Looking to invest in real estate?

Real estate investment opportunities are great, but there are pitfalls that are easy to overlook. Thanks to my 20+ years of experience in buying, rehabbing and selling residential real estate in the Sacramento area, I can help you spot the best investment opportunities.

Let me help you achieve better returns on your purchase, rehab and sale of residential investment properties!

Often, the worst times for an industry are the best times to make profits. Right now, that under-performing industry with huge potential is REAL ESTATE. This potential has nothing to do with old (and disproven) adage about “buying and holding for better times.” With my breadth of expertise in real estate and construction, the cards are stacked in your favor if you are looking for much better returns on your money. Please take a look at a brief presentation I have prepared that outlines my investment program, in either PDF or PowerPoint format.

Call me at 916-206-9989 for an initial meeting at no cost or obligation.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

Give us a call! 916-206-9989

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